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Fitbit is now a day a stunning device which helps people to manage their exercise timing also maximize and minimize them on purpose. Fitbit basically deals with your health maintaining activities which includes morning walk activities, morning run, exercise timing etc. Fitbit is a device that connect with your mobile phone with the help of wireless connection. It contains a digital stopwatch system you can buy fitbit zip from PC fanatics in Pakistan. There are bunch of types of fitbit available in Pakistan. Some fitbit contain sounds and some contain small screens which are used to manage the fitbit devices. Fitbit contains some buttons to manage the device functionality. PC fanatics provides many fitbit items in Pakistan. You can visit PC fanatics website and you can buy the fitbit devices in the fitbit category. Since fitbit is a wireless device so it contains a battery which allows it to work properly. Seconding PC fanatics has been selling these devices for a long time and got a tremendous feedback from the customers. PC fanatics provides fitbit zip device. This device contains a small screen that helps to display the activity that user is doing on it. Fitbit zip is a tracker which also contain all your activity record according to the work you have done. People usually don’t know much about the products that they buy online. But Pc fanatics provides you all the information of each of our products in details and also tells you how to realize the products functionalities. Our goal is to provide customers the best items for their daily use and to do that PC fanatics provides the services spontaneously. Now, PC fanatics provide the fitbit zip activity tracker and fitbit zip price on the PC fanatics website.The Fitbit Pakistan you can get from our store.

PC fanatics also provides the fitbit flex, this device also deals with the exercise services. It contains a beam of light which gives you an alerting message beep to manage your daily exercise activity and contains your last day record. The data of your daily basis is stored on your mobile device because fitbit is connected to your mobile device and maintain your daily record. Now, the question is why we use fitbit fitness devices for, because we provide the best quality products in the market place. The functionality of the fitbit flex is to tap your Flex twice to see the LED indicator lights indicate your progress towards your goal. Each fully lit indicator represents 20% of your total goal. A blinking light shows the current segment of the goal you’re working on. In the example below, two lights are solid and the third is blinking. This means you’ve achieved between 40% and 60% of your overall goal. When you reach your goal, your Flex will vibrate and flash the LED indicator lights to celebrate. Your Flex can track the length and quality of your sleep to help you improve your sleeping habits. To track your sleep, simply wear your Flex to bed. When your tracker syncs with your account in the morning, you’ll be able to find your sleep data on your Fitbit dashboard.  If you want to see the time it takes you to fall asleep, you can use manual sleep mode instead of tracking sleep automatically. To put your tracker into sleep mode, tap your Flex rapidly for one to two seconds. It will vibrate and display two slowly dimming lights. During the night you’ll see alternating blinking lights that represent sleep mode. When you wake up, tap your Flex rapidly for one to two seconds to turn off sleep mode. Your Flex will vibrate and flash all five LED indicator lights to let you know sleep mode is off. Fitbit flex has the quality to use in the silent mode. Your Flex can gently vibrate to wake or alert you with its silent alarm feature. Silent alarms can be configured to recur every day or on particular days of the week. You can create up to 8 silent alarms. You can add, edit, and delete silent alarms from the Fitbit app from your mobile phone. The functionality of setting the silent alarm on your fitbit app is first you have to login in to your fitbit app by your mobile now click the gear icon and select settings. Find the silent alarm and click the add alarm button. Enter the time you want the alarm to occur. Then, choose how often you want the alarm to occur. It’s basically is a simple technique to set up the alarm. Your Flex will vibrate and the LEDs will illuminate when your silent alarm goes off. This notification will repeat three times or until dismissed.Fitbit Price in Pakistan is listed at our store.

You can dismiss the alarm by tapping a few times after the vibration has stopped. You’ll know your alarm has been dismissed when one light appears in the middle of your Flex’s display, then slowly fades.  If you do not dismiss the alarm, your Flex alarm will repeat in nine minutes. Fitbit provides you an online tool to help you track, manage, and evaluate your fitness progress. To see your progress towards goals, analyze details about specific activities or exercises, view historical graphs, and log food. There is an update ability for your fitbit flex device. Free feature enhancements and product improvements may be made available for your Flex through firmware updates. Updating the firmware on your Flex takes several minutes and is demanding on the battery. We recommend that you charge your device before updating or while the update is in progress. You can update your Flex by using the Fitbit app or by using Fitbit Connect on your computer. Similarly, like this activity you need to manage all of your fitbit devices and manage them according to the information above. Other than that PC fanatics provides the more items similarly like fitbit zip in Pakistan and fitbit flex in Pakistan which are fitbit Alta in Pakistan, fitbit charge 2 gun Metallic in Pakistan, Fitbit charge HR in Pakistan, Fitbit surge super watch in Pakistan. We can buy fitbit devices in Pakistan by visiting to the PC fanatics website or click on this link to visit that page


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