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PC fanatics provides their customer one of the best motherboard in Pakistan. Motherboard are one of the main chip of the computer system. A motherboard is one of the most essential parts of a computer system. It holds together many of the crucial components of a computer, including the central processing unit (CPU), memory and connectors for input and output devices. The base of a motherboard consists of a very firm sheet of non-conductive material, typically some sort of rigid plastic. Thin layers of copper or aluminum foil, referred to as traces, are printed onto this sheet. These traces are very narrow and form the circuits between the various components. In addition to circuits, a motherboard contains a number of sockets and slots to connect the other components. If you were to open up your computer and take out the motherboard, you would probably get pretty confused about all the different parts. To understand how computers work, you don't need to know every single part of the motherboard. However, it is good to know some of the more important parts and how the motherboard connects the various parts of a computer system together. If we study about the CPU socket of the motherboard we will come to know that the actual CPU is directly soldered onto the socket. Since high speed CPUs generate a lot of heat, there are heat sinks and mounting points for fans right next to the CPU socket. Another is the power connector which distributes power to the CPU and other components. Slots for the system's main memory, typically in the form of DRAM chips. A chip forms an interface between the CPU, the main memory and other components. On many types of motherboards, this is referred to as the Northbridge. This chip also contains a large heat sink. The motherboard contains two bridges for the connectivity which are north-bridge and south-bridge. The second chip on the motherboard controls the input and output functions. It is not connected to the CPU directly, but connected to the north-bridge. The input and output controller is referred to as the south-bridge. The north-bridge and south-bridge combined are referred to as the chipset. The working of the south-bridge is that it controls the several connectors which provides the physical interface between input and output devices and the motherboard. Slots for one or more hard drives to store files. The most common types of connectors integrated drive electronics and serial advanced technology attachment. The read only memory chip, which contains the firmware, or startup instructions for the computer system called BIOS. Also there are number of slots for the chips for example graphics cards, video cards, accelerated graphics port and peripheral component interconnect express. Additional slots to connect hardware in the form of peripheral component interconnect slots. The key is to remember that the motherboard contains the central processing unit, the memory, and all the connectors to the rest of the hardware of the computer system. The board is the 'mother' of all components - that's where it gets its name.

Now, we get the learning about the motherbPC Fanatics provides Motherboards in pakistanoard. As many companies program the motherboard setups and produce and invent them. As we talk about many companies invent motherboards, then this will be a fact that the types of the motherboards will be different according to their different design and according to the different company policies. The manufacturing of the motherboards took place in another type of environment. Now, in Pakistan the motherboards are exported from different companies and of their different types. Now the main thing is customers/users got confused on this particular problem. The question is from where to buy the exact proper and accurate motherboard for their computer systems. There is a simple yet an accurate answer for this particular question which is that PC fanatics is the best motherboard provider and seller in Pakistan. PC fanatics is the authorized company to provide these services to the customers/users. Not only PC fanatics provide the best motherboard services to the customers but also provides the different types of motherboards with different expects and different functionalities in Pakistan. Now there are some companies that has signed there deals with PC fanatics in Pakistan which are MSI, ASUS and GIGABYTE. These companies provide the best motherboards to PC fanatics in Pakistan. MSI, ASUS and GIGABYTE contain motherboards with different categories in Pakistan. Such as from the GIGABYTE company the model of motherboard which is available in Pakistan by PC fanatics are Gigabyte H310M DS2 in Pakistan, Gigabyte B250M-D3H, Gigabyte H370M DS3H motherboard in Pakistan. As for the ASUS company, ASUS provides their motherboards in Pakistan through PC fanatics which are ASUS PRIME H310M-K motherboard in Pakistan, SUS PRIME B250M-A motherboard in Pakistan, ASUS TUF H310M – PLUS gaming motherboard in Pakistan, ASUS TUF H310- PLUS gaming motherboard in Pakistan. Similarly, like the previous MSI also provides their motherboard services in Pakistan by PC fanatics. MSI motherboards provides MSI H97M-E35 Motherboard in Pakistan, MSI B250M PRO-VDH Price in Pakistan, MSI H310M PRO-VDH Price in Pakistan. As these are some of the best motherboard qualities provided by PC fanatics in Pakistan. More details of all the products are according to the motherboard category are available on the PC fanatics website. For More Details Visit

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