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Cougar Royal Mossa Electric Computer Desk

by cougar

Using an electric standing desk can reduce many health risks related to a sedentary lifestyle. Choosing ROYAL MOSSA can bring a better working experience and create a healthier and changeable lifestyle. With a reliable and stable lifting system, it can move from sitting to standing in seconds. Also, the control keypad allowed four settings of memory for preferred heights. To elevate your workspace and make it suitable for whole family use. Let’s start standing more and sitting less, be more productive & healthier than ever.


  • Product ROYAL MOSSA
  • Preassembled Desk Frame 2 stage columns and single motor desk frame
  • Desk Dimension(W x D) 47 x 24 (in)1200 x 600 (mm)
  • Height range(with desktop) 28 - 45 (in)720 - 1150 (mm)
  • 1 Months Warranty

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