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Lian Li Galahad 360 SL Edition with UNI Fan (Water/Liquid CPU Cooler)

by Lian Li

An outstanding All-In-One CPU cooler now features UNI FAN SL 120. Available in two size and two color, 240mm and 360mm, black and white. Supplies with ARGB high static pressure fan with a variable speed of 800 to 1900 RPM and have a rated airflow of 58.54 CFM.


  • SL120 UNI FAN included
  • 360mm: (L) 397.5 x 123.5 (H) x 27mm 240mm: (L) 273 x 123.5 (H) x 27mm
  • 800 ~ 1900 RPM±10%
  • Intel: LGA 115X, LGA 1366, LGA 775, LGA 1200, LGA 2011, LGA 2066 AMD: AM4
  • Machine detailed Aluminum Housing
  • Easy to sync with motherboard
  • Triple Chamber Design Water Pump to increase heat exchange efficiency and reduce dead zone

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